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Seeties helps people to discover and experience the attitude of their cities. Our logo embodies this philosophy.

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We believe in Seeties’ potential to make city life happy and meaningful. To those ends, we are looking for a select group of dedicated and inspirational individuals who share our vision.

We’ll not mince our words: We want smart, extremely motivated people who are willing and able to contribute to all parts of Seeties. We want people who get excited by challenges. We want people who like swimming in the deep end.

Our work will add up to something big. Something really big. Something that couldn’t possibly happen without this collective effort. Interested? Check out the positions we currently have open and get in touch with us ASAP!

  • Mobile Engineer - We are looking for mobile engineers, both iOS and Android, that will build magical product experiences. Our product challenges include prioritizing, designing and building a compelling product while maintaining simplicity and usability.
  • Product Designer - We believe that design isn't just about pretty pixels; instead, it's a full understanding of how the products we build interact with the people that use them. We are looking for a Product Designer who is both strong in visual design as well as the ability to create prototypes rapidly.
  • Community Manager/Associate - Implement online community development strategy across the full range of offline and online marketing channels, to manage effective relationships with online community to increase local love for Seeties. You're so driven, people mistake you for the actor in Fast & Furious. You're a sultan of storytelling, you can literally wake someone up from the grave. You crush deadlines, just like how you crushed your ex. You communicate powerfully, often through Sanskrit. You're a master at multitasking, you're reading this while applying facial mask.
  • Web Developer - We are looking for Front-End Developer who are passionate about web technology, and help us to build and deliver a best in class on clean beautiful web, high quality and performance.

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